Listening & Learning: Best of Focus Groups

In order to illustrate the “why” behind the “what” of the data and to remind colleges that the survey results represent real voices, CCCSE has conducted focus groups with countless students, faculty, and staff over the last two decades. Across myriad hours of focus group footage, participants at colleges across the country have consistently spoken to several themes around engagement and success. In the coming months, CCCSE will share curated video reels that illustrate these themes as well as resource guides that can be used to engage faculty and staff with the topics addressed in the video reels.


Relationships Matter

Resource Guide - Relationships Matter

Resource Guide for Relationships Matter

Explore the topic of the video reel further with this two-page resource guide.

See more focus group videos below and on our YouTube channel.


Coming Up Next: Students Don't Do Optional

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Issues of Equity Matter


Explore the topic of the video further with this two-page resource guide.


Engagement Doesn’t Happen by Accident, but by Design


Explore the topic of the video further with this one-page resource guide.


Who Are Community College Students?