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CCSSE 2024 - Culture of Caring
Colleges that participate in CCSSE 2024 will receive a 15-item set about culture of caring. This item set explores students’ perceptions of the social and emotional support they receive from their college community.

CCCSE’s Mission

By delivering “aha” moments about the student experience based on insights that matter, CCCSE assists institutions and policymakers in using information to promote improvements in student learning, persistence, and attainment.


Student and Faculty Voices: The Impact of Student Engagement

Please see CCCSE’s YouTube channel to watch community college students, faculty, and staff speak about their experiences.

Center Updates
  • CCCSE staff and affiliates pen several new articles.
  • CCCSE partners with Excelencia in Education to provide technical assistance on the Community Colleges Transforming by Engaging Latino Students pilot project.
  • CCCSE Participates in Inaugural Convening of National Community College Research Alliance.
  • Register for CCSSE 2024 today!
  • CCCSE launches pilot survey focused on dual enrollment students.
  • CCCSE receives grant from The Kresge Foundation to explore student mental health and well-being.
  • The Kresge Foundation announces Executive Director Linda García as a Thrive Leader Network member.
  • Research Affiliate Program aims to increase community college visibility in the field.
  • CCCSE partners with Qualtrics to deliver online surveys.
  • The Online Student - Impact of Course Modality on Engagement

    Report on the Online Learner

    A new report released by CCCSE, The Online Student: Impact of Course Modality on Engagement, highlights the differences in engagement between students who take all their classes online and those who take classes in person. The data in the report are based on a survey administered in spring 2022 to 82,824 students from 181 colleges across 41 states. One in five of the survey respondents reported taking all their classes online.

    Mission Critical - The Role of Community Colleges in Meeting Students Basic Needs

    Report on Community College Basic Needs

    Mission Critical: The Role of Community Colleges in Meeting Students’ Basic Needs explores housing and food insecurity among community college students and highlights the struggle many students experience. The data presented in this report are based on a survey administered in spring 2021 to over 80,000 community college students from 194 institutions across the United States.

    Report cover for Listen to Me - Community College Students Tell Us What Helps Them Persist

    Report on What Helps Community College Students Persist

    Roughly 40 percent of community college students do not persist from their first fall enrollment to the following fall.* A new report released by CCCSE, Listen to Me: Community College Students Tell Us What Helps Them Persist, shares the voices of students to highlight the triggers that might lead to student attrition as well as the leverage points that can change those outcomes.

    *National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. (June 2022). Persistence and retention: Fall 2020 beginning postsecondary student cohort.