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Collection of Video Clips

The faculty in the Ensure Students Are Learning video clips were interviewed at the 2019 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) annual conference in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, May 26–Monday, May 27 at the Hilton Austin. Annually NISOD hosts the Excellence Awards celebration, one of the most prestigious and well-attended events for community and technical college educators.

The Center invited the Excellence Awards recipients (who were faculty who had taught within the past academic year and were registered to attend the NISOD conference) to participate in the interviews. Each hour-long interview consisted of four–five faculty members from across the country. Over 60 faculty were interviewed in total. The Faculty Focus Group Discussion Guide contains similar questions to the ones that were asked of the interviewed faculty. The Center thanks the 2019 NISOD Excellence Awards recipients for participating in these interviews and sharing their engaging teaching strategies.

Collection of Narratives

Five open-ended items about innovative teaching practices were added to the 2018 Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE) in 2018. 6,761 faculty from 85 colleges responded to the open-ended items. Presidents from 40 of those colleges gave permission for Center staff to conduct follow-up interviews with their faculty. After a thorough review of those faculty responses to the open-ended items by Center research staff, 708 faculty were invited to participate in follow-up interviews. 

Invitations were sent and the interviews were staggered over 13 weeks between November 14, 2018, and April 18, 2019. In all, a total of 202 interviews lasting an average of 45 minutes each were completed with faculty from 30 colleges. All interviews were recorded and transcribed. Some faculty interviews resulted in multiple narratives.