Tools to Use With CCSSE, CCFSSE, and SENSE Results

Ensure Students Are Learning: Tools to use with CCSSE, CCFSSE, and SENSE Results

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The CCFSSE Pathways Toolkit aligns items from the Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE) with important dimensions of the Pathways Model. As colleges begin to undertake serious work on the various necessary aspects of the design and implementation of structured student pathways, this tool can be used to facilitate important conversations with faculty about gaps and areas of alignment in three key areas: helping students get on a path, helping students stay on their path, and ensuring students are learning.

Faculty Pathways Toolkit

CCFSSE Pathways Toolkit

The Guided Pathways Faculty Predictions Exercises can be used to jump-start discussions with faculty on whether and why faculty predictions differ from actual student responses on items that are aligned with the Ensure Students Are Learning component of the Pathways Framework.