2019 National Report

Supporting Materials

A Mind at Work: Maximizing the Relationship Between Mindset and Student Success


Tools and Resources


Focus Group Guides

Below are two sample focus group discussion guides that can be used to help colleges dive into academic mindset, both from the student perspective and the faculty perspective.

 Student Discussion Guide  Faculty Discussion Guide

For supporting focus group materials such as recruitment tips, invitation e-mail templates, consent forms, profile sheets, and a comprehensive planning guide that outlines focus group staff roles and order of operations, visit http://www.cccse.org/publications-resources/focus-group-toolkit


Connecting Center Data to Academic Mindset

The Center’s core surveys provide a range of data that colleges can connect to mindset work. The Connecting Center Data to Academic Mindset tool below features CCSSE, CCFSSE, and SENSE items that colleges can use to support campus conversations about academic mindset.

Click to download the Connecting Center Data to Academic Mindset tool