2019 National Report

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A Mind at Work: Maximizing the Relationship Between Mindset and Student Success

With survey findings collected from over 80,000 community college students at 159 institutions, the report confirms that students who have more productive academic mindsets are more engaged and have higher GPAs.

Watch a webinar on A Mind at Work facilitated by CCCSE Executive Director Evelyn Waiwaiole and Rachel Beattie, the director of productive persistence for Carnegie Math Pathways at WestEd.

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Student describes how failure can teach you to move forward.

Student describes how belonging to a cohort community provides encouragement and support.

Student describes her struggles with math.

Student explains how having a growth mindset improves her confidence when she approaches challenging coursework.

Instructor explains how implementing a growth mindset helps students improve their attitude towards math coursework.

Instructor believes that cultivating a sense of belonging on campus is the biggest contributing factor to increasing retention.

Instructor explains how she approaches incorporating growth mindset in her courses through encouragement.

Instructor explains how he uses a growth mindset to encourage his students to overcome challenges and obstacles.

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