The Improving Large-Scale Student Engagement Survey for Younger Learners Project

Project Description

CCCSE proudly announces the Improving Large-Scale Student Engagement Survey for Younger Learners project.

More than a million high school students in the nation participate in dual enrollment—students who are enrolled in college courses while in high school—each year. Even though dual enrollment can help students fulfill high school graduation requirements and simultaneously make progress toward a postsecondary degree, there are some student populations that are more likely than others to participate in dual enrollment. Also, not all students who participate in dual enrollment find long-term success at the postsecondary level.

It is critical to understand the experiences of dually enrolled students before they graduate high school. In doing so, educational leaders will be able to identify the supports that are needed to successfully assist these students—especially Black, Latinx, and other marginalized student populations—and help them persist with their postsecondary education endeavors after earning a diploma.

The Improving Large-Scale Student Engagement Survey for Younger Learners project will allow CCCSE to amplify the momentum of Guided Pathways by refining a survey instrument to help institutional practitioners better understand the experiences of dually enrolled students pursuing pathways to postsecondary credentials. After the survey instrument is refined to focus specifically on dually enrolled students, cognitive interviews will be conducted with students who are dually enrolled at high schools, community colleges, and online. The instrument will then be finalized and the pilot survey will be administered to dually enrolled students at 15 community colleges in November 2022. Participating colleges will then take part in a workshop that will guide them to select a data point of focus and create an action plan to strengthen that data point. Participating colleges will be given time to implement the action plan. Then, the 15 colleges will participate in a second round of the survey administration in April 2024 to determine if improvement has occurred.

The following advisory panel of experts provided guidance on the development and refinement of the Dual Enrollment survey:

Dr. Marcia Ballinger, President, Lorain County Community College

Dr. Shari Camhi, Superintendent, Baldwin Union Free School District

Dr. Naomi Castro, Senior Director, Career Ladders Project

John Fink, Senior Research Associate, Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University

Angela Guadian-Mendez, Director of Student Completion, Alamo Colleges District

Dr. Larisa Harper, Provost, Zane State College

Dr. Melinda Karp, Founder & Principal, Phase Two Advisory

Dr. Amanda Sterk, Director of Dual Enrollment, Florida Southwestern State College

Dr. Jason Taylor, Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy, University of Utah

Amy Williams, Executive Director, National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships

A grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is making the project possible.