DESSE Data Narrative Tool

The DESSE Data Narrative Tool is designed to be used in small groups, followed by a facilitated discussion with a larger group. During each session, groups are presented with a series of simply stated, related data points, with each data point being shared one at a time. After each data point is revealed, groups spend time discussing what the data point means to them in terms of their own work at the college. As group members talk about the meaning behind the data, a storyline develops, making the data more relevant and more relatable.

The Data Narrative Tools below—one for the Fall 2022 Pilot and one for the Spring 2024 Pilot—are designed to be used in conjunction with data collected during the two pilot administrations of DESSE.

Data Narrative Tool for the DESSE Pilot Survey-Spring 2024

Data Narrative Tool for the DESSE Pilot Survey-Fall 2022