COVID-19 Resources

Letter From Center Executive Director

Dear Colleagues,

Center staff and I continue to think about you and the important work you are doing for students during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. As we move into a new normal, we believe listening to the student voice has become more critical than ever. Understanding how recent experiences inside and outside of the classroom have impacted student learning will be invaluable in helping students reach their goals.

In the late spring and early summer of 2020, we offered a free online survey focused on how students were managing all the changes that came with the pandemic. The survey asked students about the information and support they were receiving from their college and from their instructors, the challenges they were facing as a result of the sudden transition to online classes, and their level of concern regarding food and housing security.

We also added a COVID-19 Impact special-focus module to the fall SENSE 2020 administration and added a special item set to the spring CCSSE 2021 administration. A report detailing the findings of the SENSE 2020 special-focus module was released in March 2021. A report detailing the findings of the CCSSE 2021 item set was released in November 2021.

We are steadfast in our commitment to deliver insights that matter for your institution and to help guide your conversations about how the college can be more responsive and supportive to students.

On behalf of the Center staff, we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Linda L. García
Executive Director