COVID-19 Resources

Online Teaching and Advising Resources

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges had to immediately transition their instruction and support services to the online environment while still being mindful of the student experience. Strategies to engage students in the online learning environment and examples of online academic advising supports are available below.


Descriptions of Online Teaching Strategies

Ensure Students Are Learning: Faculty Descriptions of Innovative Teaching Practices: Student Blogs on Padlet
Ensure Students Are Learning: Faculty Descriptions of Innovative Teaching Practices: Using Portfolium to Track Student Accomplishments and Milestones
Online Tool Incites Engagement and Collaboration on Annotations
Improving Content Understanding Through Online Exams and Retakes
Finding Opportunity, Not Limitations, in Online Discussion Format
Recording Oral Histories In an Online Class
Online Forums Make Individual Research Projects a Group Effort

Faculty and Students Describe Teaching and Learning in an Online Environment

Faculty members talk about their struggles with online learning and their goals to get their students engaged.

Faculty give other faculty advice about how to have a successful online course.

Students convey what elements, if any, from their online classes helped them learn the content.

Students share advice they would give to students taking an online course for the first time.

Students and Advisors Discuss Online Advising Resources

An advisor describes how the advisor and student can use the online individual student success plan.

Two students discuss how they check their academic progress online.

A student describes how she reviews her academic plan online and how often she reviews it.

Students discuss the online resources that they use to track their progress.

An advisor describes the different online platforms he uses to work with students.

Student describes being able to confidently use online resources such as registration because of help his advisor offered.

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