Focus Group Video

Transfer Supports

Helping Community College Students Climb the Transfer Ladder highlights factors that help students have clearer plans regarding transfer, as well as areas in which they may need more guidance. One of the best ways that we can assist students with their transfer goals is through listening to what they have to say about their experiences with support in this area.

Listen in to the students and staff below as they speak to what works for them and what isn’t so helpful when it comes to transfer supports.

The Power of Joint Advising

Student Receives Mixed Messages

Bridge Program

Advisor Encourages Students to Investigate Transfer Institution 

Helpful Website

Community College Advisor Pairs Student With Four-Year Advisor

Student Has to Determine Which Courses Will Transfer on Her Own

Student Hasn’t Talked With Anyone About Transfer

Student Finds Online Advising Not Helpful

Student Begins Transfer Planning at First Advising Session

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