2017 National Report

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Even One Semester: Full-Time Enrollment and Student Success


Based on survey findings collected from almost 61,000 community college students across 253 institutions and transcript data for over 17,000 students at 28 institutions, Even One Semester: Full-Time Enrollment and Student Success explores community college student enrollment patterns as they relate to engagement and outcomes.

Watch a webinar on Even One Semester facilitated by CCCSE Executive Director Evelyn Waiwaiole.

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A student describes that while some instructors ask her about her enrollment status, others don’t.

A student describes the struggle of attending college part-time and working full-time.

A student describes how external responsibilities force her to be part-time.

A part-time student describes the difficulty of using student support services when she is on campus such a limited amount of time.

Several faculty members discuss that not all students know what it means if their instructors are part-time or full-time.

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