2016 National Report

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Expectations Meet Reality: The Underprepared Student and Community Colleges


Expectations Meet Reality: The Underprepared Student and Community Colleges, with findings collected from more than 70,000 community college students across 150 institutions and more than 4,500 community college faculty respondents from 56 institutions, explores the typical community college student experience in the areas of assessment, placement, and developmental education—and it also highlights innovative practices in work with underprepared students.

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A community college student talks about deciding to stick with her college’s three-level developmental math sequence because it is helping her overcome her challenges with the subject.

Initial disappointment with being placed into the lowest-level development math and English courses turns into gratitude when a community college student realizes that the proper placement gave him the opportunity to learn one step at a time.

A student with a strong academic record is disappointed with the results of her placement tests.

A community college student explains how taking corequisite math reinforced his learning.

The corequisite model boosts a student’s confidence in her ability to tackle college-level English courses.