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Drop-in Overview Templates and News Release


Colleges that participate in Center surveys gather valuable engagement data on institutional practices and student behaviors correlated with student success. To maximize the benefits of participation, colleges are encouraged to share findings from the surveys both internally and externally.

To facilitate this, the Center has developed several tools, available through the CCSSE and SENSE Sharing Results pages. These tools allow colleges to easily craft nuanced and appropriate messaging for a variety of audiences.

The CCSSE and SENSE Drop-in Overview Report is a Microsoft Word template intended to help colleges communicate a summary of survey results internally.

Similarly, the CCSSE and SENSE Drop-in Overview Presentation PowerPoint template helps colleges present survey results to a variety of internal audiences.

Finally, to communicate with external audiences, colleges can make use of the CCSSE and SENSE Results News Release. This brief template is structured to help colleges reach their communities through local media.

All thee templates include instructions on where to locate the relevant data within the Center’s online reporting systems. As noted above, each template is customizable, so use them as a starting point! The messaging will be more powerful if it reflects careful analyses of the survey data and supports areas consistent with your college’s mission culture, and priorities.

Please reach out to surveyops@cccse.org if you have any questions about these or any tools provided by the Center.