2019 Student Success Institute Recap

Seventeen college teams from throughout the nation and a college team from Micronesia attended the Center’s 2019 Student Success Institute in San Antonio, Texas, in October.

The Institute was a 2½-day intensive, hands-on learning summit that provided cross-functional leadership teams an immersive opportunity to analyze their CCSSE and/or SENSE survey data and make plans for meaningful progress. The overarching purpose of Institute work was to engage college leadership in an in-depth review and discussion around institutional policies and practices specifically aimed at improving student success. This focus resulted in each team developing a customized short-term action plan, which included actionable “next steps” to support their ongoing work toward implementation of a data-informed and evidence-based student success agenda.

Highlights of the institute included the following:

  • Plenary presentations by Drs. Tonjua Williams, Evelyn Waiwaiole, and Linda GarcÍa
  • Plenary panel with CEOs from AACC 1.0 Pathways institutions and a California Pathways institution
  • Student plenary panel from Palo Alto College (TX)
  • Pre-Institute Workshop focused on the Center’s online reporting system
  • Concurrent sessions led by leadership and practitioners at AACC 1.0 Pathways institutions
  • Four College Team Strategy Sessions with Resident Faculty members to focus exclusively on strategies to make the greatest impact at their institutions

It was so powerful to have the time to listen, share, and learn from our community college colleagues from around the country. I came back with a clearer understanding of our own initiatives and how we could continue improving.

 - Emily Tichenor, Director, Academic Projects, Tulsa Community College

The Institute was wonderful as it brought together key members from the College to use our CCSSE data to inform our progress on our Guided Pathways framework. We have been working on Guided Pathways for about four years. The Institute re-energized us and helped us find a direction that will keep us moving forward to become a ‘student-ready college.’

 - Elizabeth Wilmer, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Virginia Western Community College