Engagement Matters (formerly CCSSE Highlights)

Volume 17, Issue 1 features one member colleges that has used Center data for institutional transformation, highlights survey results on participation in student success courses, and shares information about upcoming webinars the Center will host.

Volume 16, Issue 2 features how one member colleges has shared data with academic leadership, features survey results on career goals and explorations, and offers suggestions for questions that have helped institutional researchers get more from their data.

Volume 16, Issue 1 features examples of member colleges sharing their data internally and externally, highlights the experience of a member college team that attended a Center Student Success Institute, and explains exclusionary criteria the Center’s research team uses when analyzing data.

Volume 15, Issue 2 features video of several students describing their experiences with Guided Pathways, highlights a member college connecting engagement data with workplace expectations, and shares the venues where Center staff will be presenting around the country throughout the fall.

Volume 15, Issue 1 previews a special report on academic advising the Center is releasing in February 2018, highlights a member college using student voices in a unique way, and introduces the SENSE 2018 Pathways special-focus module.

Volume 14, Issue 2 introduces new Center-created focus group discussion guides, explores the rationale for including student success courses in the SENSE sampling frame, and highlights a member college examining student enrollment patterns in a similar manner as Center researchers did for the Even One Semester report.

Volume 14, Issue 1 previews a special report on student financial health the Center is releasing in February 2017, features the new Center-created Pathways Toolkit, and highlights a member college using Center data for accreditation purposes.

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CCSSE Bulletin

Volume 5, Issue 2 features The Data Narrative: Making Results Relevant to a Greater Audience.

Volume 5, Issue 1 features Building Connections, Building Success.

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Talking SENSE

Volume 3, Issue 2 provides information about a special study and related survey discounts.

Volume 3, Issue 1 reports on the 2010 Entering Student Success Institute.

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